‘Life After’ is a contemporary circus show that deals with the phenomena of space and the relativity of time and reality. The show bends familiar thought patterns to present alternative explanations in the universe and on a personal level to express visual illusions through circus disciplines. Loneliness and the inconsolability of life can indicate the direction of life but they can also be seen from another point of view.

The slack rope as a circus discipline is relatively uncharted and there’s a lot to explore with it’s expressive power.

In ‘Life After’, the slack rope is harnessed to express visual illusions and the infinity of the world. In our work we seek unconventional ways to portray the discipline. Using different angles and lights we bypass the gravitational barriers.

Yet the illusion of weightlessness is not 100 percent, and the circus-technical know-how is visible, the mastery of which still makes the viewer question the possibilities of the world around them. Not because of a perfect magic trick, but because of mastering a visible skill.


The Explorer/Scientist is waking up from an undetermined length of medical sleep. They are in space, and their unused body is stiff from the long time of being unused. Gaining consciousness and mobility, The Scientist works their way to a planet, where they start exploring the surrounding environment, finding curious objects and moments in time.

The further in space they wander the more abstract everything becomes, even themselves is losing and gaining new limbs, tossing around in weightless world and transforming into something new.

At some point The Scientist has lost themselves and The Magician arrives to the scene, manipulating planets, metal, rings and bodies.